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continue of the storyline "suicide rescue"

2011-08-14 10:53:54 by NordicHazard
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but some drones see the dropship taking off and also kim see's it
" dammit, bandits! "
poitning guns at here
" where the hell is Grey?!"


And before they hit the dropship, two missiles take care of the drones and a fighter fly across
" Here i am! Had some robot skyscrapper delay! Let's get outa here.. 1 min left!!"
and kim doen't lose any time to take of and follow her captain to escape the city.


More bandits reach on
" Get the hell outa here liuetenent, i'll take care of them!"
So kim goes on almost outa danger but grey engage other drones
" Oh com'on.. no missiles left.. let's do it the old faschion way!"
" Captain! Get outa here! Captain!"
But no answer seeing the last of him going deep into the city with the bandits behind him


Bomb beggins to detonate
" Jake, Keep looking for the captains fighter! "
the explosions get bigger and bigger and at last hope a fighter exits the city straith up
" Com'on!!! don't leave me now baby, hold a bit longer!!"
Clearly the fighters damged but he manage to escape sure death so as kim, her dropship and those who manged to reach her.



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