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great stuff, really great stuff!

great! can't wait to see more!

it's funny, love it! XD

Brewster responds:


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i like the game, just i guess there is a bug when i use paladin. I buy the crusader sword with " holy specialization " but i can't equip it. Keep it up!

nice game but i found a bug, as soon as you got hit by a water mine you drain down, there where a red button is, i guess you have to press it right? well the whole background got stuck O.o the submarine moved, also the button reacted with the door opening but the screen didn't move, nor the green little lights.

very nice game! more upgrades would be nice but it's a wellmade game!

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great job, ash :D it's epic and i like the chorus which bring this mystical feelin!

AshleyAlyse responds:

Thank you!! :3

beautiful ash! just so relaxing with a bit of sad mistery!

AshleyAlyse responds:

Aw, yay! Thank you! :D

damn i love this piece of zelda, i often search for new mixes and orchestrals!!! thank you for creating this, really *_* love it!!!

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great job! can't believe you have so few views O.o

Vlaireice32989 responds:

Well, I actually submitted it when I was not yet scouted. It took awhile before I got scouted. Once I got scouted, well, it's not longer on the latest art I guess... and you know how most people would just look at the first page of the latest art, ignoring the rest of the pages. :O

Wow! i like this one very much!

Vlaireice32989 responds:

Hey, Thank you very much! :D

this is kinda simple but great! it gives me something warm. Anyways i'd always thought no risk no fun, so if you like her why don't let her know you exist? you'll never know how things might go untill you don't try.

Sevens responds:

...your right! I should go for it, gotta get over this shyness....

I am a Sci-fi/fantasy Fan and i'm a story/ambience writer and compose music in my free time. Hope the day comes where i can work for a videogame company! would be my lifetime dream!

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