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strange time

2012-04-13 10:13:18 by NordicHazard

hi all,

this is kinda weird period... for some things i have inspiration and for others not, now i'm doing some compositions for a cyberpunk project and posted one i did some time ago.
As soon as i get the right mood i'll come back on the piano part, could be this evening or in a week! >.<

Hope you all like my music!


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2012-04-22 15:56:13

You music is wonderful. It is nice to know them. Nice to know you also, my friend.

NordicHazard responds:

i'm happy you like it!


2012-06-14 20:09:04

inspiration comes to those who wait for it and actively search for it

NordicHazard responds:

mostly when i don't actually have much time to compose >.< but yeah your right!